Sukegei Qestir

Silent troublemaker
Xaela roleplayer from Zalera server, Crystal Data Center


Personality traits: Playful, curious, adventurous, reckless
Birthday: Redacted
Race: Xaela Au Ra
Gender: Male
Hair: White with blue highlights
Eyes: Blue with teal limbal rings
Height: 7'4"
Build: Lean, athletic
Distinguishing marks: Forked lizard's tongue, lots of inky black scales
Profession: Bounty hunter, monster hunter
Residence: Nomadic
Hobbies: Adventuring, training, reading, playing guitar
Likes: Food, being active, flowers, knives, outdoors, parties
Dislikes: Feeling ignored or invisible, mornings, being underestimated


-Adventuring. Sukegei is a bounty hunter and monster hunter!

-All things Xaela! Definitely open to meeting any and all Xaela! Something pre-established or not! Just ask!

-Reunion Market. Being from the Qestir tribe, Sukegei is highly familiar with the Reunion Market

-Not Actually Qestir. Sukegei is actually from the Moks tribe and has infiltrated Qestir. At this point, he's spent a good portion of his life with them but others from Moks would likely know of him.

OOC Info

Always open to meeting new friends and RP contacts.
Prefer to RP with those 18+
Located in the EST time zone.
Currently on the Zalera server but open to RP with those on other servers!
Primarily Discord RP!
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